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aLAcrity Boomerangs is a group of boomerang enthusiasts from Los Angeles. At the moment, it is comprised of three people: Manny (a.k.a. v12aero), phnxhawk and Charles (a.k.a. hey_kuya).

Manny and I (phnxhawk) started this blog to share our interest in boomerangs--throwing and tuning, making our own rangs, as well as unraveling the science behind them. As we continue our journey into the world of boomerangs, we hope to make new friends and to expand our horizons. In this blog, we will post such things as videos from our regular throwing sessions, musings and lessons learned from throwing, and thoughts on making our own rangs.

Manny and I started throwing boomerangs since Spring 2009. It has been a long road as we developed a semblance of technique for throwing 'rangs. Nevertheless, after many a bruised hand or windy day, our fascination with these returning throwing sticks remains undimmed. We most certainly have more to learn about boomerangs, but we'll keep at it as long as we continue to have many happy returns.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Last Haven for Colorado Boomerangs

--by phnxhawk--

Happy 2011 to all!

I must again offer my abject apologies. No sooner did the early winter SoCal rains depart than a couple of us come down with a nasty cold. I myself have been grappling with a stubborn cough for a few weeks now. Anyway, Manny and I hope to be back on the sand or grass soon!

In related news, as the resident Colorado Boomerangs collector in aLAcrity, I picked up a few more of that famous brand since my last post (about the E-rang): Yanaki, Seagull, Crested Butte, Rainier (left hand), Deuce, Bellen, Delicate Arch Standard, Typhoon, Glacier and Alpine. "A few," indeed. Check out the pictures for all of those in my boomerang collection photo gallery.

Some might wonder why I would go so far as to duplicate some of Manny's Colorado 'rangs. Actually, I wonder that myself sometimes. I have now had two years of being dazzled by the awesome colors and terrific performance of the Colorado 'rangs I do have. I figured that I might as well go all in and pick up as many of the others as I could find. After all, it would be pretty sweet to have two Alpines or two Delicate Arches slicing through the morning air.

Anyway, there are no mysteries about how I obtained those 'rangs. I acquired them through the following two vendors of miscellaneous flying toys:
The vendors have responded to my orders quickly enough, and the prices for each' rang are not exorbitant. More importantly, the boomerangs seem "legit," as Manny might describe them. They appear to be of proper construction and in good condition. Since there has been no word as to whether the Colorado line will ever be resurrected, now is as good a time as any to pick up whichever ones are missing from your collection. Once these vendors run out of their stock, it would seem that the last place to look would be Ted Bailey's famous boomerang auctions.

I had the chance to give some of these Colorado 'rangs a test drive before I came down with a cold. I'm definitely looking forward to putting down some of my thoughts on them in the months to come.