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aLAcrity Boomerangs is a group of boomerang enthusiasts from Los Angeles. At the moment, it is comprised of three people: Manny (a.k.a. v12aero), phnxhawk and Charles (a.k.a. hey_kuya).

Manny and I (phnxhawk) started this blog to share our interest in boomerangs--throwing and tuning, making our own rangs, as well as unraveling the science behind them. As we continue our journey into the world of boomerangs, we hope to make new friends and to expand our horizons. In this blog, we will post such things as videos from our regular throwing sessions, musings and lessons learned from throwing, and thoughts on making our own rangs.

Manny and I started throwing boomerangs since Spring 2009. It has been a long road as we developed a semblance of technique for throwing 'rangs. Nevertheless, after many a bruised hand or windy day, our fascination with these returning throwing sticks remains undimmed. We most certainly have more to learn about boomerangs, but we'll keep at it as long as we continue to have many happy returns.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Runway Catch Premiere

Hello all!

After a very long hiatus on my part I have finally published this video that has been many months in the making.  These clips were shot late last year but the video was delayed due to some computer issues and just overall procrastination on my part.

Take a look:

In case you are wondering, no, I am not naive enough to think that I am the only person to have made that catch ha ha.  However, I looked online and didn't find another video or evidence of someone else doing it.  As such, I thought it would be fun if I touted this as a mini "premiere" of sorts.  The boomerang I used for this segment was one of a set of two "Turbo" doubler boomerangs made by Kendall Davis.

The "Runway Catch" idea arose one day while practicing my trick catches.  I was trying to come up with a new catch that might one day be used in boomerang competitions.  I wondered why there was not a "no-hand" catch, but I quickly remembered that there was already a foot catch that qualified as a no-hander.  After further thinking I thought to myself, "If there is a two-handed back catch and also a one-handed back catch, why not a no-handed back catch as well?"

I began to practice and after many attempts finally got it.  The name "Runway Catch" was inspired by the planes passing overhead (we throw near LAX airport), and the fact that the boomerang is kind of like a plane coming in for landing on my back (the runway).  Extremely clever I know.    ;-)

Happy throwing!